Songstress Beyonce, 32, and rapper Jay-Z, 44, just can’t catch a break. Rumors say that the power couple has decided to attend counseling in the hopes to carry on their marriage. From the altercation in the elevator with Jay-Z and sister-in-law Solange to speculation that he is cheating on his wife with R&B singer Mya; there’s definitely some clarification needed.

Sources say that Mya has been living charitably off of Jay-Z. The rapper pampers her with gifts and pays her bills. He was featured in her last hit, “The Best of Me” in 2000. Also, it is said that she is his go to person for years when he needs advice and is thinking about old times.

This has led to some revelation that the rapper allegedly has a few other mistresses. However, this is just some he said, she said, sources say, hence rumors. Until then we will just have to sit back and wait for another story to unfold to put the pieces together.

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Written by: Lucia A. Crespo