Chicago Artists exploding onto the scene after years of blossoming in where they have been rooted their entire lives is far from a new concept. In the perfect environment for artists to develop their own niche and sense of swagger, Stunt Taylor has done just that, developing a sound of music that can simply be described as different and distinctive.

Kyle Taylor, better known as “Stunt Taylor” hailing from the West Side of Chicago became musically intrigued at a young age from growing up watching his cousin’s rap along with being immersed in the sounds of Hip-Hop moguls, Biggie smalls as well as Young Jeezy. Stunt Taylor began rapping at the age 15, over the years becoming a West Side wonder ever and not looking back ever since. He is the new voice of the West Side speaking for a younger generation. He is drilling his way into Chicago’s Music with catchy hooks and his smooth delivery which continuously sets him apart from all the rest.