This year America’s favorite Hip Hop artists has topped the charts and has kept fans enthused about their music. These heavyweights are Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, & Eminem. Let’s not forget about the leading ladies in the music industry andrecord breaking female artist Beyoncé & Rihanna.

Now it’s clear that these six talents have an impact on musicand make history on the billboard charts. With all of their high triumphs each of these artist will do something this year that will startle competition in sales.

Do you know what all of these artist have in common? Don’t be surprised, they are all going on your “to go list” this year! Eminem and Rihanna are set to kick off their “Monster ” tour in August and power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé begins their “On the Run” tour later this month. Lastly, The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour is set to begin at the end of August beginning ofSeptember, as well traveling to 31 cities.

Most people would assume that Jay Z & Beyoncé would take over in ticket sales, but remarkably Drake & Lil Wayne are in the lead. Now Let’s discuss statistics. Drake vs. Lil Wayne tickets are $249.20, 6.4% higher than Jay-Z and Beyoncé tickets for On the Run tour, who’s tickets average secondary price of $234.16.

Eminem and Rihanna tickets for the Monster tour will be the cheapest amongst other hip-hop tour tickets this summer,which has an average price on the secondary market of $217.81, 12.6% cheaper than the Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour and 6.98% cheaper than the On the Run tour. Now which tour do you think will get the most hype? Nevertheless, let’s all be supportive when these artist visit Chicago.

Written by: Anthony Sampson