DLow is a self taught dancer, never taking lessons but you would be confident he learned from the absolute best. Able to reduplicate any move he sees with little effort, DLow knew he was born to dance. Raised on a side of Chicago were dancing was a favorite pass time for many, DLow noticed a very popular dance called “Boppin” that everyone did or should I say just duplicated. DLow mastered the dance with ease and even added his own swag to it. That swag was infused with all the dances he learned growing up. His style of “Boppin” quickly gained a lot of attention. So much attention that he was coined “Bop King” and received shout outs on songs about his skills. Talk about overnight success and stardom. DLow’s dream of being a dancer had finally come true but it didn’t come without lots of hard work.

Travon Biggs, a.k.a.one 1/2 of the Bop Kingz, a.k.a. the Fastest Legs on the West Side, a.k.a. the originator of the Kemo Step, a.k.a. Lil’ Kemo, walked up his unplowed street in North Lawndale the other day, sneakers sliding sideways in the slush. Behind him a rabbit hopped out on the sidewalk, reconsidered it and hopped back beneath a fence. Across the street, an elderly man shoveling a walkway shouted: “Proud of you, Kemo!” Biggs, whom everyone calls Kemo (and I will call Kemo from here), waved over his shoulder.