What makes your music different from any other music artist up-and-coming?


What makes me different? I would have to say it is the fact that I enjoy listening, playing and making music. I do not really think of the dollar value until I complete a project. I do it from the heart, and when you do that, you’ll always have a solid project.


What does music mean to you?


Music is the key to the soul. People should know that music has affected so much change around the world. It is powerful when you sit back and think about it.


How would you define your city’s style of music?


I am from Harlem, NY, which is the mecca of it all. I would not say there is a style to it. It is mainly original, and it can be any idea just so long as it is fresh.


When did you realize you wanted to become a music artist?


I knew when I was around 6-years-old. I was and still am fascinated with Hip-hop.


How did you pick your name?


I picked my name after Jets quarterback Joe Namath. Broadway Joe, they called him. He was very swaggy and embodied everything about NY.


Where do you get your passion for music?


My passion comes directly from how the music makes me feel. It makes me feel like I can do anything.


What was the first song you recorded?


Professionally, I did a song for a WWF wrestler for a soundtrack.


Describe the general process of writing a song and recording it.


I wait until I feel like writing. I never force it. I wait till I get the feeling whether happy or sad, but I wait for the feeling.


What are some of your accomplishments as a music artist?


My biggest accomplishments are not the moments and the awards. I know I accomplished something when the average person says they have had a great night listening to me.


What advice do you have for aspiring music artist?


Love music first and always be original. Also do tons of research.


What do you like best about being a music artist?


I like that I can freely express myself at any time.


How would you define the style your music exemplifies?


My music exemplifies exactly what I think and feel at that moment.


What is the most difficult aspect of running your label?


The difficult part is juggling time with family and regular life…


What music trends do you see being big for 2014?


I see a trend of making music sound just like another music.


What would you say to anyone who consider being in the music business?




Where do you see yourself five years from now?


Hopefully helping some other young artists live out their dreams and me still being “The Rockstar” that I am.


What is your dream as a music artist?


My dream is still and always will be to be able to play my music live for the masses.


What do you think it will take for you to accomplish your goals and reach your dreams?


Aligning myself more every day with God’s perfect will.


How do you motivate yourself daily?


I let myself know that I am blessed to get up and do what I want to do every day. I say smile and keep going.


What are your personal top 5 essentials for a tour bus?


QUIET, Candles, Harlem-based movies, Pepperoni Pizza and QUIET!


Do fashion and style play a big part of your daily routine?


It is almost everything after praying.


If you could get paid from doing anything else besides music, what would you choose?


Mentoring other artists to live out their dreams; whatever they are.