Meet The Ish Talkers

I am K.

I am a writer; mostly scriptwriting & obviously blogging. I’ll be getting into bio slowly, but surely in my posts. For now, I’m just a writing, twitter addicted, food loving, reading, silly, intelligent, compassionate, feminist, open-minded, young, black woman trying to do what I love & building a platform. I’m a more thoughtful, sarcastic ish talker. My posts will be as random as I am.

I go by Simply Brown, Loyal Brown, Get Down Brown, or even just Brown, but my crew refers to me as Shams.

Growing up I was never really a writer or reader, but one day I woke up & decided to be a blogger.Pray for me! I have a natural sense of humor, which pretty much defines all of my characteristics as well as telling it like it is to who it is, being young, black, educated, adorable, childlike, but far from a child, & a millionaire in the making, that’s striving to be successful in life. I’m a CEO, without the C, the E, or the O at the moment, but stay tuned & watch me do what I do. Listen up as I talk my ish!