Atlanta native Chiffon began her rise to fame by recording Covers to popular Artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and even the late Aaliyah. Former model turned songwriter/singer, Chiffon began her musical venture at the age of 18, writing and referencing tracks for major mainstream artists. After a year of writing, Chiffon began the venture of becoming a solo artist by Late 2012.

Known for her sultry smooth vocals and Left Eye identical rapping, Chiffon has been pegged out to be one of our generations most influential upcoming pop star’s. Being featured in major films and music videos at the young age of 19, Chiffon slowly became a familiar face in the entertainment and music industry. From the looks of it she also has been hinting at a new single coming under “Def Jam Records.”

Gaining high recognition in The U.K and Topping the Indie Charts in Japan, her debut Single “Patience”, produced by Def Jams producing Duo DYNAMIXX, has gained the Attention of Atlanta’s well known Grammy Award winning producers Magnedo 7 and Lex Dirty. Chiffon is set to officially go on tour October of 2015, so continue to be on the lookout for “Chiffon” as she goes on the rise.

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