So if you’re a Kanye West fan or not then you still may have heard the criticism that his new video “Bound 2” has been receiving. The video has West’s fiancé Kim Kardashian sitting down facing Mr. West as he sits facing her while riding on what looks like to be a motorcycle or dirt bike. The theme of the video is taken through a landscape that’s artificially changed as the video plays.

Many people were disappointed and or confused on what the concept was behind the video. However, maybe there was a deeper reason as to why he came out with this oddly different video. Looking into the album “Yeezus” as a whole and breaking it down you can get a sense of his rage and anger. In the song “Bound 2” Kanye says “I know I got a bad reputation walking-’round-always-mad reputation.” There alone he let’s you know that he does realize he is angry.

Now going back to the video perhaps it depicts how Kanye feels. The ride he takes with Kim is their escape together from all the criticism. Kanye also says in the song “Close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures one good girl is worth a thousand bitches.” Therefore, nothing else matters.

Written by: Lucia Crespo/USD2R