Sicko Mobb is known as the craziest team out of the west side of Chicago with some amazing music that has the entire city on their feet. The Mobb has hit songs such as Fiesta, Young Heavy, and more. The team has close connections to Chicago artist Twista, Lil Durk & Chief Keef who all are heavy hitters out of the Midwest. They also has been known to reference their own favorite anime “Dragonall Z” as encouraging them to be the best they can be always turnt up in “Super Saiyan” mode. As one of my personal favorite anime, I can definitely relate to how turnt up the city is when listening to music made by the group. USD2R Magazines own Dez Jermaine digs deep behind their music inspiration. Watch the video to find out more about upcoming music with A$AP Ferg, new videos and more from Sicko Mobb.

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