Chicago is marked as one of the most innovative, artistic and industry advanced places on the planet.  But its beacon that shines so brightly in the world flickers dimly on a percentage of the city’s population that lives at and below the poverty line.

For many Chicagoans finding a decent meal including the basics is at the mercy of one’s personal grind and hustle. #Hashtaglunchbag, a west coast rooted organization, recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary in the Chi-city. The social media based movement is responsible for assembling and distributing lunch kits to those in some of the country’s most affluent and culture popular cities, all using social media.

Stationed at Lacuna Fitness, one of Chicago’s most innovative gym spaces, the Chicago team has utilized the space for the past six months to gather volunteers to donate, package and distribute food and belongings for the needy.

“With the weather getting colder we are asking for blankets to be donated amongst what’s given.” Lexi, a spokesperson for the Chicago team led us through the monthly operation that blesses people beyond the holiday season.

“We started last year in August and we’ve been doing it every month for the past year.”

With Chicago having so many pockets and neighborhoods the team is constantly growing. The nomadic culture in where the meals are distributed has prompted the movement to spread in volunteers and in radius along the city. Many people that volunteer request that #Hashtag contribute their own neighborhoods aiding in the fight to end world hunger beginning in their own backyards. With no sponsors in the Chicago market the movement is not accomplished for the publicity and the limelight, #Hashtaglunchbag’s mission is as simple as the brown paper bag.

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Written by: Nona Edwards