So with 2013 coming to a all out end, the best of the best list come into play for artist to cringe and express there emotions Kanye west style. “You ain’t got the answers” comment seems to resonate this year with alot of artist. It leaves you with the question of what part do list play on music in general? There’s always a big debate about list and there credibility especially the medium that publishes the list. Why is the list so important to certain artist today, you know the ones that lash out at media when they feel they should of been apart of that somewhat barbershop conversation. All in all the list must run some sort of acceptance by big wigs of the culture. Hip hop especially and by it being so saturated this year it feels like there no room for being number 1 anymore. I leave with this question will list play a big part towards the next year? We’ll really have to see while we get hit from here and there with new music. Until then keep the list going, but artist just because you don’t make a list your longevity is important. Peace to 2013 and welcome 2014.

Written by: Isaiah “Chill” Hawkins