J.Cole let everyone know what was the meaning behind his new video “Crooked Smile”, which was to spotlight the war on drug and the innocent victims who lose their lives in the mix.

The video opens up with visuals of J.Cole setting up his house for his sister birthday. It is in the middle of the video were we find out that J.Cole is a mid-level marijuana dealer and an local DEA agent is plotting a bust.

Viewers get a peak of the DEA agent having breakfast with his daughter, as Cole celebrates the birthday of his sister, who are actually friends in middle school, which is discovered at the end.

When the sun goes down,  the DEA raid J.Cole house, and while being arrested he watches his  younger sister get shot accidentally by a police officer. Once the the video ends, there is a message dedicated to Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a 7-year-old girl who was killed during a police raid on her house in Detroit back in 2010.

Written by: USD2R Press


J.Cole new video “Crooked Smile”