So yesterday morning I checked instagram to find Chief Keef reposting videos of Lady Gaga vibing out to 3 hunna. Yes you might say what the hell is the world coming to, but in reality don’t be surprised. What can we expect from the music world today? Artist are showing us there just like the  average listener of today and in the future don’t be surprised to always expect the “Normal” in hip hop. Its happening now if you don’t see it and its coming like when n sync was getting 106 & park play for “gone” a r&b type ballad from a pop group. Is it a evolution or changing of the guard? Most people would look at this as bad and will discredit Gaga for even mentioning Keef because of his persona. But at the same time we praised her and Kendrick when she showed up for his Chi town show. Now why is that? Because its safe for her to collab with Kendrick and not Keef. This culture is about evolution and who knows what these young artist will learn from this experience. Maybe this will be a shining light to expand and make broader music. I say I fucks with it lets just let the work show.

Written by: Isaiah “Chill” Hawkins/USD2R