Ever since All-Star Luol Deng left the Chicago Bulls it has been bittersweet and a bit rocky for the NBA. On Monday January 6, the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers complete a huge trade. Andrew Bynum was traded to the Bulls and Deng to the Cavs. However, the trade did not last long and Bynum was therefore, released by the Bulls. Deng will also be a free agent this summer.

Sources speculate that Cleveland may be looking into LeBron James who has the option of becoming a free agent. The only setback for the Cavs is that they have a budget salary of just a little under $36.2 million, according to Bleacher Report for 2014-15. Therefore, a few players would have to be cut from the team to guarantee James the maximum allowed that his contract demands. As Cleveland is trying to make a decision Deng will have the chance to explore his options. This can then backfire on the Cavs because they can potentially lose out on both Deng and James.

As for Bynum he is still in search for a new team. Although, he became one of the most prominent free agents in the league the issue that comes up is, money. Sources say that he is looking for an offer that is above the leagues minimum and or more than what the teams are willing to offer. Therefore, most teams are reconsidering signing him because they want to save money. Leaving him back to square one.

What are your predictions of Deng, James and Bynum?

Written by: Lucia A. Crespo/USD2R