I guess karma truly is a femle dog & Nikko is on the receiving end this time. Apparently his sex tape with LHHATL Reality Star MiMi didn’t afford a big enough payout to keep Supafly Entertainment from pursuing an unpaid debt Nikko & his wife Margo acquired when the Entertainment company fronted cash for Nikko’s band Test Drive to record & create songs for an album project. When Universal Music offered to sign the band Supafly Entertainment accused Nikko of participating in some shady business trying to cut them completely out the deal. Unfortunately the deal with Universal Music never panned out & Supafly Entertainment took matters into their own hands suing the band for posting their music on Myspace & performing the songs live at various venues. Nikko ignored the legal pursuits and a defaulted judgment was made for $581,358.42 in July 2008. Supafly Entertainment went back to court in May to begin seizing assests & property in attempt to collect their money. Nikko and Margo have failed to pay bringing their debt to $1,181,358.42.  

Written by: Brittney Haywood