Peter Palmer from South Walden has recently launched his second clothing line. Yes at the age of 20, he is already working his way into making Optimum Lifestyle clothing a line that will withstand the test of time. What’s the difference between his first brand (Personal Material) and the one he is creating now. When Palmer was in high school he had designed a few shirts with no intent of doing much with them. Inspired by his grandfather and a friend who became his business partner he launched the brand with a very good response from people in his neighborhood and high school. The brand eventually died out as he and his business partner decided to part ways. Palmer has since enrolled in school at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, joined a modeling organization and has grown as a person incredibly since the Personal Material.

When asked what was the difference between his old brand and Optimum Lifestyle he stated that this brand represents his personal growth and the growth we should all have as we continue to have experiences in life.  Palmer is focusing on creating genuine relationships with each supporter of Optimum Lifestyle. This comes in handy since Optimum Lifestyle is designed to help inspire those who have overcome obstacles. Optimum Lifestyle tells stories through design about how we can all overcome obstacles.

Optimum Lifestyle’s GOOD shirt explains it all. The brand’s stick man logo (uses primary colors that represent originality and enlightenment) is featured in the GOOD wording that features the second O crossed out so that the shirt reads GOD. Check out photos below and be on the look out for Optimum Lifestyle’s next release.

 Written by: Justin Glass

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Founder of Optimum Lifestyle rocking GOOD tee.

Founder of Optimum Lifestyle rocking GOOD tee.