Drake recently dropped a verse on Spanish Bachata singer, Romeo Santos new song named “Odio,” translated in English, hate. Both Santos and Drake sing about hating the man that is now making their girl happy. In the song Drake sings in Spanish and then raps a verse in English. The song “Odio” will be featured on Santo’s upcoming album, Formula Volume 2 and will include appearances from Nicki Minaj, Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony, Tego Calderon and Kevin Hart. Santos had his followers on Twitter tweet #formulavol2 in order to reveal each artist that is featured on his new album.

Now this is an album that is definitely creating buzz. The mixture of people that are featured diversifies the album. Perhaps when Drake mentioned Santo’s group Aventura in his song “The Motto” (“Spanish girls love me like I’m Aventura”) caught Santo’s attention. Although, Drake had a small verse in Spanish he is still showing that he can be versatile. The criticism did not take long once the song was released. There are some people that think Drake did well while others think he did not.

In one part of the Spanish verse Drake sings, “Y te quiero aqui odio ese hombre porque esta a tu lado perdi tu amor soy un pobre diablo,” which translates to “And I want you here because I hate that guy next to you, I lost your love I’m a poor devil.” He then raps in English, “I do not wanna be enemies baby I would just much rather give you a baby and buy you a house so I live with you baby don’t stay with this new guy I’ll really go crazy, I’ll really go crazy.” Now it’s no question that Drake is known to be passionate or as some might call it “soft” in his songs, but now he shows that same passion in Spanish.

Do you think it was a hit or miss?

Written by: Lucia A. Crespo/USD2R

You can click on the link below to check out the song.