Born in Westchester, NY and raised in Norwalk, CT, this awkward girl fell in love with music at a young age when joining her school’s orchestra. Watching all her classmates picking instruments such as the violin, she decided to go against the grain and pick the cello. Happy with this choice, she began to nurture this new love. While nurturing this love, Amadi’s family moved over seas to Accra, Ghana where her passion for the cello and music grew. Going against the grain served Amadi well in Accra, making her the youngest invited to play in the Ghana Orchestra at the tender age of 8. Three years later, Amadi Jae’s stay in paradise was abruptly cut short and she moved back to the United States to reside in Charlotte, NC.

A bittersweet move, Amadi Jae bared the pain of witnessing the change of her family’s structure while discovering healing through new talents such as songwriting and singing. With desire to escape her woes, Amadi began putting all her energy into these newly found gifts, determined to share them with the world. Unlike the cello, Amadi Jae had to overcome the hurdle of accepting her distinctive voice and unique musical style before embarking on this new adventure. While forming a small insecurity in this area, she discovered artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Betsy Smith, Lauryn Hill, Floetry, Eryka Badu and Outkast, placing a new fire in her, encouraging her to embrace the unique “lite” within. With this new understanding that there was beauty in being different, Amadi Jae began to define herself as an artist, creating a melting pot of sound including the ingredients Jazz, Big Band, R&B, Soul, and Pop. She continued further in this creation by referring to herself as a “Retrolite”. To Amadi Jae, being a “Retrolite” meant no longer allowing her past insecurities to dim the “lite” of her future. Instead she allows her inner “lite” to shine thru by simply being herself and in doing so hoping to inspire others to do the same.

Now in Atlanta, GA, staying true to this mission, Amadi Jae’s “lite” has shined on stages opening up for Dwele, BCBG’s Spring Fashion Show at Macy’s, and Spelman College/Morehouse College Homecomings among other distinguished venues and audiences. As she gears up to release her debut EP in 2013, she hopes to be that artist that inspires other “Retrolites” to SHINE!


Exclusive interview with Amadi Jae

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