Black tha Don Born Willie Chapman from a small town on the south side of Chicago ,the HARDCORE streets of Harvey, IL aka Harvey World. The 24 year old rapper rose from the streets where things weren’t always given. Knowing that he decided to take the streets over with his smash hit single “ILLUMINATI”. He knew as a upcoming artist coming from the south side that it was mandatory for him to create a sound that was different from everyone else. Black brings a Fly, HardCore, Street, And Gangsta style with his music.

This Trapper/Rapper influences were artist such as The Lox ,Jay-z, Kanye, Rocko to name a few. What influenced me to rap, After investing in a studio that was no longer in use from his previous encounter with late artist that dropped from STOP SIGN ENT. He decided to put it to use and hasn’t look back since.

For a new upcoming artist BLACK Tha DON track list has grew tremendously. He’s opened up for many artist such as; Gucci Mane, Future, Yo Gotti, Lep Bogus Boys, Cash Out, Travis Porter, Nicki Minaj, Twista, Jim Jones. He’s also worked with a host of producers such Chase Davis, Aye Roy, Dough From Da Go, HearonTrackz, Phil Rich, JRoc.. DJ’s : DJ Pharris DJ slugo DJ victoriouz, Sean Kingston’s DJ twin and Dough From Da Go who Hosted my first mixtape “Expensive Conversations Only” where you can download now at , & the mixtape feature his 1st single “ILLUMINATI”

Black is working diligently to continue to build his fan base. He continues to make more music and spends a lot of time in the studio. That usually where u can find him writing, in which he is working on his new project that due in early 2013″Young, Black, & Paid”. Which contains the newly smash single “Walking Movie” produced by Phil Rich.



Exclusive interview with BLACK tha DON