D1 nd 0nly, also known as D.Knights was born Dillian Knights in Brooklyn, New York. He began singing and poetry at age 8 and started rapping at 16. Motivated by his music inspirations 50 Cent and J.Cole, Dillian continued writing his ideas hoping to put them to good use. He then moved to Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania in 2007 to finish high school in 2011, where he then resided back to Brooklyn. Dillian has recenlty released his first mixtape “I Am D1 nd 0nly: The Untold Story”, in which he has performed several classics at talent shows. He is set to release his second mixtape “Unlimited Service” soon. With his ambition, and dedication to the music industry, Dillian Knights intends to shock the world with his music in which he calls “His Life Story”.


Exclusive interview  with D. Knight