Kendall DeLashment (born November 7, 1990), better known by his stage name Tony Famous, is an artist and songwriter from the south side of Chicago, IL.

Born to a family of musicians and singers, Tony Famous always had a talent for words. At the age of 15, he joined the Percy L. Julian poetry club and performed at poetry slams across Chicago. Crowd pleasing lyrics would let him know that he had a gift with wordplay.

Tony began his musical career at the age of 16 when he performed at Hillcrest High School under the moniker Young Starr. He stood alongside his friends at the school’s homecoming and performed his rendition on Rick Ross’ “Blow.” A year later, he adopted the alter ego Tony Famous to show depth in his artistry. This was also the name he would give to strangers at clubs. “My music is always an extension of me, but Tony Famous is someone that Kendall DeLashment could never be.” –Tony Famous

Music was always a hobby that came second to basketball during this time of his life. He would go on to graduate from Percy L. Julian High School and attend University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Basketball would eventually lead him to transfer to Thiel College in Pennsylvania where he doubled majored in English Writing and Media Communications and played for the Thiel basketball team.

Famous kept his writing skills polished by submitting poems to the school’s literary journal entitled The Phoenix. An English professor recognized his talent in his sophomore year and recommended that he pursued music.

After completing four years of college, he gave music another chance and began to take it more seriously as a profession. In the summer of 2012, he and his best friend, Joshua Perry, purchased everything that they needed for an in-house studio, so that they could begin recording on their own. The two spent every day of the summer together working on various projects in the Perry basement until it was time to become more professional. They invested time and money into different studios sessions where they worked with a host of engineers. It was at this point that Tony began to work on his first project that would be titled “Destined For Greatness Vol. 1.”

The project was released in September 2012 through social networking and various hip hop sites. DFG was well-received by the majority, but it was not enough for Tony and his camp.

“I just expected it to do more than a couple hundred views, but I mean it is what it is. We just take what we can and move forward from there.” – Tony Famous

The passion that drives him is deeper than what his name would imply. Tony Famous, the lyricist from Chicago, has always been about making good music.

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