The San Antonio Spurs rise back to the top as they defeated the Miami Heat and win the Championship Sunday night. 104-87 was the final score.

After a heartbreaking loss to the Heat last year, the Spurs came back for redemption. This is now their fifth title in the past 15 years and makes them the fourth team to win five titles in NBA history. They are also the first team to win three straight games in the same finals by about more than 15 points. Teammates Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili made their way back to being the BIG THREE in the NBA.

This Victory was especially important for Spurs forward Tim Duncan and head coach Gregg Popovich. Both have participated in all the championship games. In a post interview after the game Duncan commented that winning was very special and is soon to retire.“To do it at home, to do it with my kids and my family and my friends here made it so much more special…for whatever reason it’s sweeter than any other. Whether it be because of the time frame because I’m coming towards the end of my career,” said Duncan.

Not only was this a breakthrough for Duncan but for his fellow teammate Kawhi Leonard. Leonard was awarded most valuable player (MVP) and is the third youngest NBA finals MVP. The 22 year old had 22 points and 10 rebounds in the last game. In a statistic report it states that Leonard was the main accurate shooter from the field with (61.2%) and from the 3-point range at (57.9%) in the finals.

The San Antonio Spurs definitely made new history and made winning the last couple of games look effortless. A huge congratulation on their victory!


Written by: Lucia A. Crespo