What is the difference between fashion and style, because a lot of people get them confused sometime? Just because you have the latest fashion doesn’t mean you have style. For example, in today’s urban society, the word “Fresh” is referred to as having the newest gear (Fashion),  and the word “swag” is referred to as how you look when you put on your cloths (Style). See there is a difference just because you have one doesn’t mean you have the other, and there are some people who carry this unique ability and they are called “Trendsetters”.

Fashion is difficult to keep up with, as it changes by generation, the year, the season, sometimes even by the week. What is considered in fashion today could possibly be different in a week. Trying to keep up with the latest fashion can be very costly and wasteful if you think about it. A closet full of cloths that you barely wear, not because they are too small or big, but because they are not the hottest trend anymore. Fashion is like technology, it keeps evolving. When the I-Phone 6 comes out, I’m sure leather pants will be a fashionable trend everywhere.

Style is more of an individual thing and can’t be brought like the latest fashion. Style is how confident a person is wearing the clothes they have own, no matter how old or new it may be. Depending on your style, certain fashion trends may not fit you, because it is more about your appearance than what brand are you wearing. Style isn’t directly affected by fashionable trends but can use certain trends to make it unique.

Written by: USD2R Press

Photo by: Style Quote