I remember passing notes in class & phone curfews on the house phone,  the days when there still seemed to be some distance between adolescence and adulthood. With technology evolving at such an alarming rate seems the distance from playing with Barbie to creating your Facebook account are one plastic shoe away.

I’m not opposed to utilizing the new technological advancements to assist in rearing my child (when I have one) in fact I appreciate the advancements because they open the door for new ideas to be shared at a quicker pace & the internet truly is the information super highway.

I think its important that as technology evolves & the world around us changes that we educate our children on how to thrive in an ever changing society.  The American dream is no longer to go to school & get a great job,  great jobs are not found they are created.  We must start educating our children on the importance of understanding money & teaching them the value of earning it.  Our society teaches our children to be employees we should impress upon them the value in being an owner.  Entrepreneurship is a thriving market & we should tap into it.  A great  MUST READ book for parents & adults looking to increase their knowledge on finances & entrepreneurship is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki its this month’s book of the month. Check it out & tell us some of your new age parenting philosophies.

Written by; Brittney Haywood