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15 years is a long time for any two people to be together but when that person has literally been by your side since you conceived your dream until its fruition a break-up becomes more than just a personal loss. Most view Nicki Minaj as a superwoman who has an undeniable talent, one that allows her to stand out in a game filled with men. In a recent interview with Angie Martinez Nicki showed her softer side as she discussed the honesty in her newest album “Pink Print” & her recent break-up from her childhood sweetheart Safaree Samuels. Nicki made clear that had it not been for her rap career she & Safaree would be married with children & living happily ever after. She was very candid about the fact that she still cared for him & was unsure what her career would be like without him in her life. She made known that she would go to him about beat selections among other things as it related to her creative process & her career. At one point during the interview Angie cut the conversation short & allowed Nicki a moment to get herself together after having gotten very emotional. It’s sad to know since that interview the two have taken to Twitter in addition to Nicki’s mother tossing accusations & unkind words to each other. It’s very evident both parties are hurt & hopefully with time the two will be able to rekindle their flame. I’m cheering for em, even though I hear Nicki’s new boo might be Meek Mill. “Spills Tea”